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Our Mission

“To encourage and nurture excellence amongst our members both on and off the field, as players, as people and as citizens of the many diverse communities to which they belong;
To work closely with our community and district partners to instill a love and understanding of the “beautiful game” at all levels, age groups and in both sexes;
To consistently put into practice the “player-first mentality” and therefore to maximize opportunities for individual player development, health and well-being and success at the very highest levels of the sport;
To employ the very best practices of leadership, governance and communication in accordance with national and international governing bodies of the sport;
To promote and foster respect for players, coaches, managers, referees and spectators and for the principles of Fair Play.”

Club Tweets

  • Fields are open and we're good for training tonight! Can't wait to see everyone on the pitch. #letsgofusionfc 2 days ago
  • Practices have been cancelled tonight due to field closures. We'll have to wait until Wednesday to finally get back. Can't wait! 4 days ago
  • After a relaxing and cold winter break, we're back training tomorrow and couldn't be more excited! Welcome back coaches and players!  @BCSPL1  5 days ago
  • Happy new year to everyone out there, and looking forwards to a fantastic season coming up!  @BCSPL1  #letsgofusionfc 3 weeks ago
  • Merry Christmas from all of us at Fusion FC, and all the best to you. 4 weeks ago
  • We're up in Prince George this week to help run a camp for our friends  @PGYSA  GK session this morning was lots of f… https://t.co/1jsfrwT9tH 1 month ago
  • In our player of the week profile, this week, we have Manipaul Dhillon: https://t.co/XXYER5qZ8T #letsgofusionfc 2 months ago