By Fusion FC


Q. Hey Abby! Congratulations on your team making the League Cup Final!  Looking back, what was your favorite game or performance in the mini season?
A. I would say my favourite game from the mini season was the challenging semi-final game where we scored in the last couple of minutes. In this game, we were all working really well together and everybody was out there to win. There are many games and parts of games that I remember as highlights, but this specific game really stood out to me because it was a tough one, and we really worked hard and won it as a team.

Q. We’re heading into a bit of a break here soon.  What are you going to focus on during the off-season to ensure you’re coming back strong in the New Year?
A. It is nice to have a break from soccer, to rest for bit and to re-energize, but it can’t go on forever! So, to stay in shape during breaks, I train with a trainer a few times a week. We do fitness and lots of work with a soccer ball. With all the cold, wet weather, it’s difficult to get outside to train during the winter. So having set times with a trainer helps a lot! With the training sessions, and some extra runs on my own, I manage to stay in shape and prepare myself for the New Season.

Q. In your time with Fusion, what has been the highlight so far?
A. I’ve been with Fusion for a while now and I have loved every moment of it. I’ve had ups and downs of course, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t change a thing. Fusion and my team are my soccer family. My most recent highlight of Fusion was during this past summer when my team went to Surf Cup in San Diego. This was such an awesome tournament and it was amazing to see the level of competition out there. We spent our free hours at the beach surfing in the waves, and our game time working hard in the heat playing on the field. We didn’t do as well as we would have liked, but we left the tournament with great memories, and also with the motivation to continue to work hard and always compete to our best ability.