Connor McLean – Featured Player of the Week

By Fusion FC

connorQ: After 10 months of training and exhibition games you are finally about to start your first official BCSPL game, how do you feel?
A: I feel confident and excited and am looking forward to playing the first league game with my team.

Q: How has your first year with Fusion FC been? What has been your favourite memory?
A: My first year with Fusion has been a lot of fun and hard work. One of my favourite memories was travelling to Tukwila because I got to know my teammates better.

Q: You played up a year with the 2002 VFC team before joining Fusion, how did that experience help you prepare for the Fusion 2003 team?
A: It was helpful because I had the chance to get used to the larger field and all the challenges that come with it. The professional coaching helped prepare me for the level of skill and play required for the 2003 team.

Q: What goals/ambitions do you have for the upcoming season?
A: My goal is to get some goals and assists.

Q: What advice would you give to the new 2004 born players about to join Fusion FC?
A: To listen to your coaches, to be a team player and have fun.