Connor Mrazek – Player of the Week

By Fusion FC


Q: Hey Connor! We know you were recently in Prague of the Czech Republic attending a camp. Can you tell us more information about the camp?
A: I spent two and a half weeks in the Czech Republic. I was lucky enough to be invited to join the 2001 boy’s residency squad of FC Dukla Praha. This club is very well known with great history in the Czech first division. We spent one week in a residential soccer training facility in the northern part of the country. We had many training sessions there as well as a game against Sparta Praha. After the camp, we returned to Prague and trained daily at the club’s facilities. Both the coaching staff and players were very helpful. One thing I noticed though is how serious the kids take it. Obviously they enjoy it, but kids can be cut within very short notice. It was an amazing experience to train and play with a top flight European team.

Q: What were some of the things from the camp that really stood out for you? Anything they do different than us here in Canada?
A: One thing that stood out for me is the pace of play. When I played against Sparta I noticed that everything you did had to be quick or you would lose possession. Also, what I noticed is that everyone had very good technique. This was needed as the coach emphasized to keep possession and play quick shorter passes.

Q: This camp was a very unique but challenging experience for you. How do you feel your past few years at Fusion have helped you be as successful as you were at the camp?
A: The coaching here has definitely helped. Richard and the other coaches have spent lots of time helping me develop my game. I have tried to apply everything they have given me and that has certainly accelerated my development.

Q: Obviously we are immensely proud of you and your hard work! What are some things you can tell your fellow Fusion club-mates so they can follow in your footsteps?
A: One thing that will get you to higher levels is hard work. You have to persevere and not give up, because once you start doubting yourself you will just stop enjoying the game. I joined Fusion from VFC by working hard and applying the knowledge that the coaches have given me. But above all, you have to be passionate and love the game.