By Fusion FC

Fusion FC saw at least 16 athletes head to Prince George for the BC Summer games. Our Fusion 2007 Selects squad saw 9 girls represent the Vancouver Coastal Zone 5 (Delta, Richmond, Vancouver, North Vancouver to Pemberton). The player’s team easily won all the games in the tournament walking away with another gold medal as the BC Games Champions.

Five of our Fusion FC 2007 boys also went to P.G. for Zone 5. The boys were so close to bringing home gold but were awarded a silver medal after a 1-1 draw that went to shootouts. The boys looked strong throughout the tournament.

Fusion FC also saw players on the track, the lake and volleyball court. Chloe S came home with a gold medal for the 300m and two bronze medals for the 800m and 4x400m races.

Gabby L. was flying on the lake with a bronze in trick waterskiing and jump waterskiing.

Also Alex W. also brought home a bronze medal back to Vancouver for Volleyball.

Well done to all the athletes who went to the BC Summer Games. We hope you created some memories which last a lifetime.