Jada Hastings – Featured Player of the Week

By Fusion FC

jada-hastingsQ: How did your experiences at VFC help to prepare you for Fusion and the BCSPL?
A: Before joining my current team now at Fusion FC, I was a part of the VFC team. Although I was only on the team for a year, my experience there taught me leadership, playing alongside players at a higher performance (than my previous years with VUFC), and seeing my potential to be playing at a HPL level.

Q: What is your main goal this upcoming season?
A: My main goal this upcoming season is to go out with a bang. It’s my last season here with Fusion alongside a few other ’98 players and I know we all want to give it our all, leave nothing in the tank. I have confidence in my team, and I know that when we put our minds to it, we can accomplish anything.

Q: What are your plans after your Fusion FC career?
A: My plans after my Fusion FC career are pointing towards Langara College, for the next two years at least. I’m planning to work a lot so I am able to save up for University and hopefully travel during my year off. I hopefully will be playing for Langara’s soccer team alongside some Fusion FC alumni.

Q: What is your favorite soccer memory so far?
A: I’ve had some great memories while playing with Fusion. It’s pretty hard to think of just one moment, especially with my crazy team. They’ll surprise you every day with something new. If I had to pick one memory that would be my favourite, it would have to be the very first time I played in a tournament with my team. It was my first season with Fusion (’98 & ’97 team) and it was at the Whitecaps Showcase. To this day I still remember heading into the locker room, seeing my teammates in all red and hearing our music blasting as we all geared up. I was really nervous, especially being the new player, but the nerves were good and I felt really proud to be wearing the Fusion logo on my jersey. Either that memory or Operation Pegasus (which only my team will understand so I apologize to everyone else).

Q: Do you have any advice for any younger Fusion players?
A: My advice to the younger Fusion players, and many more to come, would be: try everything you can to get out of Jason’s fitness sessions! Be sick; break a bone; move away for the time period of pre season; anything really. I’m just playing. J Pre-season is tough but it’s crucial. Make sure to go on runs during your breaks or do any type of workouts. It will benefit you in pre-season for sure. For the younger players I’d just like to say, work hard and don’t forget the love that you have for the game. As you get older you may have days when you don’t want to go to practice or you’d rather be with friends instead of training in the freezing cold weather. But just remember why you’re here and a part of this club. Someone has seen your potential, so make sure you go out there make a difference every time you step on and off the pitch, and never forget the love you have for the game.