Jayden Jordan – Featured Player of The Week

By Fusion FC

JaydenQ: You recently played up with the U18 boys and scored a goal. How did that feel?
A: It felt great being able to compete at a higher level and scoring was even better. I didn’t great about my performance in our tie vs. Coquitlam the day before so it was nice to redeem myself.

Q: What’s it like having your dad as Technical Director for the club? Do you feel any added pressure?
A: Added pressure? Yes. A lot of people think that I only made the team because of my dad but what they don’t realize is that it was probably 10x more difficult for me than everyone else. He made sure I made it on my own and I thank him for that as it made me work a lot harder to prove people wrong. Opponents will often chirp at me about my dad which just motivates me more. Scoring a goal is the best revenge.

Q: Who do you think will win the Champion’s League this year?
A: Even though I’m not a supporter of either club, I think Real Madrid will win. My favorite club is Bayern Munich because of their work ethic and goal scoring ability. I got to see this first hand when we travelled to Germany.

Q: What has been the highlight of your career to date?
A: Playing against and tying the Bayern Munich youth team during our trip to Germany and Austria a few years ago.

Q: What are some of your goals after you finish your Fusion FC career?
A: My main goal is to play for a NCAA University soccer team, score more tap-ins and chips, be better than my dad and play soccer forever.