Josh Chan – Featured Player of the Week

By Fusion FC

Q: What are you doing to prepare yourself for your cup game this weekend?
josh-feat A: I am getting lots of rest, eating properly – diet, and mentally preparing for the big game.

Q: What has been the highlight of your season to date?
A: Our 8-game team unbeaten streak going into playoffs.

Q: Who is your pick to win the Euro?
A: France

Q: Who is your favorite player, and why?
A: Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid. He plays Centre Back like me and I watch him a lot for tips on positioning. He also shows me how a Centre Back can attack and score, and not always just stay in a defensive role.

Q: What are some of your career goals as a soccer player?
A: Make it to Provincial Team and represent BC, and make it into White Caps Residency Program.