Maia Dawson – Featured Player of The Week

By Fusion FC

Q. After 10 months of training and exhibition games you are finally about to start your first official BCSPL game, how do you feel?

A.I’m excited to play with my team, knowing how much we’ve improved since we first started playing together. I am also excited to experience the fun and competitive environment of the BCSPL, for the first time.


Q. How has your first year with Fusion FC been? What has been your favourite memory?

A.My first year has been fun and challenging. My favourite memories are always the tournaments, because I get to spend the most time with my teammates on and off the pitch. More specifically, I enjoyed the Starfire tournaments in Seattle because it was amazing to experience all the improvements since we started playing together.


Q.You played up a year with the 2002 VFC team before joining Fusion, how did that experience help you prepare for the Fusion 2003 team?

A. I always improve and work harder in environments in which I’m challenged. By playing with this group of older girls, I found that I learned many new skills and work habits that I was able to put to use on this team.


Q. What goals/ambitions do you have for the upcoming season?

A. One of my main focuses for this upcoming season is to improve my versatility in different positions. As well as this, I am working on being more creative with my movements and footwork.


Q. What advice would you give to the new 2004 born players about to join Fusion FC?

A. Work hard, take chances, and have fun!