By Fusion FC


Q. Hey Manipaul!  Congratulations on making the move from VFC to Fusion. How have you handled the transition?
A. Well as you can imagine there is a huge difference between Metro and HPL not only with players but also in how the game is played. However I think that I have integrated well into the team and have become accustomed to our team’s playing style.

Q. How have your Fusion coaches and teammates helped your game develop?
A. I think the coaches here have really helped develop my game as a better all-round player by getting me to play in different positions and try things like dropping back sometimes or pushing out wide that I wouldn’t normally do. Also I believe my teammates have really helped me improve because they challenge me in practices and make me work harder to be a better player.

Q. In your short time with Fusion, what has been the highlight so far?
A. I think my highlight so far has to be winning the league cup. It was amazing to win the trophy and it was a well-deserved victory as we had a phenomenal mini-season in which we went undefeated.