Mateo Donelly – Featured Player of the Week

By Fusion FC

meteoQ: You were recently in Argentina. What can you tell us about that experience? How do you think it helped you as a player?
A: I trained in Argentina for 5 weeks with a semi professional club where I was the youngest player by 2-3 years. The training included daily games, fitness and one on one training. I was practicing with professional players as well as with amateur players who are trying to become professionals. Training totaled 5 hours per day Monday to Friday and I learned a lot about what is required to make it as a professional player. It was a great experience and I am planning on going back in the summer for 6 weeks .

Q: What do you do to prepare yourself before games?

A: I like to have a good sleep the night before the game and also drink lots of water the night before as well. As I am usually nervous before the game I always like to eat well in advance (2-3 hours before kickoff). Also I make sure I have all my things ready so I am prepared for the match. In the car on the way to the field I like to mentally prepare myself by visualizing the game before I get there.

Q: Who is your favorite soccer player, and why? 

A: My favourite soccer player is Lionel Messi because he is Argentinian and he is the best player in the world.

Q: What has been the highlight of your Fusion FC career so far?

A: One of my highlights was going to Germany and Austria with Fusion and playing in Cordial Cup against teams like Bayern Munich.

Q: What are your plans after you finish your Fusion FC career?
A: After my Fusion career I am planning to play soccer at University and then go on to play professional soccer in Argentina or somewhere else in the world.