Maya Rogers – Player of the Week

By Fusion FC

maya-postQ: Congratulations on gaining the opportunity to join the CSA Whitecaps REX Program. How did you feel when you got the invitation?
A: I felt excited, nervous and really stoked to get the invitation to join the Whitecaps REX Program. I felt so grateful to my team and my coaches for helping me be a better player and get this opportunity. I was really sad to think I would have to leave the Fusion club, and the thought of leaving my team almost made me want to say no to REX, but I am really proud and pumped to represent Fusion at REX and show them what a player from Fusion can do!

Q: Do you feel your experiences at Fusion FC over the past 2 years have prepared you for this next challenge?
A: Fusion FC has prepared me incredibly well for this next challenge. Fusion has not only improved my on-field game, but has given me lots of confidence in my fitness thanks to all the corner-to-corner running and Oval fitness practices! Perhaps most importantly, Fusion has made me immensely better at time management, and has made me realize how much I love playing soccer.

Q: What are some of the main things you’ll remember from your coaches that you’ll take with you moving forward into the REX?
A: One of the most important lessons that I’ll always remember from my Fusion coaches is to be creative and take chances on the field. I’ll also remember to quickly shake off my mistakes so it doesn’t affect my next play. I’ll always remember that good work ethic is always recognized and rewarded – so work hard, whether it’s in a Monday practice or a final cup game.

Q: What message would you give to the younger players in the club that have aspirations of making the REX program?
A: Work hard! My advice to anyone who wants to make the REX Program is work as hard as you can everyday no matter what because your coaches are always watching you and your coaches play a huge role in deciding whether you have what it takes to get to the next level.

Q: What would you say was your favourite Fusion FC memory?
A: I have so many amazing memories with Fusion. I remember feeling so proud on the signing day when Coach Andrew put the Fusion scarf around my neck. Some of my other favorite memories are playing truth or dare in my pajamas in the hotel lobby, go-karts in Tukwila, the rush of winning in penalty shoot-outs in the semi-finals, and the huge team-hug at my last game with Fusion.