Megan Soo – Player of the Week

By Fusion FC

Megan SooQ. Hey Megan, you have now completed your first non-intake season with Fusion. What has been your most memorable experience with the club thus far?
A. I have had so many wonderful memories with Fusion and all my teammates so far, like going on our first road trip to Penticton, and winning the Starfire tournament in Seattle. One of the most memorable moments was going to the President’s Day Tournament in Phoenix! It was so much fun playing the different teams, watching a Phoenix Coyotes game from a private box, and having a post-tournament feast at In-N-Out Burger!

Q. You recently played up with the Fusion 2002 team and did very well. How was the experience?
A. Every time I play with the 02’s, I learn something new. They are such a great team. The things that make them stand out are how well they communicate, their speed of play, and how positive and supportive they always are.

Q. The entire club went away this past summer up to Quest University. How do you enjoy that experience?
A. It was physically challenging for me, but I think that all of the training we did that week helped us with our fitness and also made us mentally stronger to start off the season. It was also fun to get to know not only the players on my team more, but also some of the other teams too. Their campus was really cool and a great place for a training camp.

Q. We are turning our attention to the upcoming phase. What are your goals for the upcoming phase?
A. My personal goal is to keep working hard and learn new things at every practice and game. I want to become a complete two-way player. My team goal is for us to make the playoffs next June, win the Provincial championship, and get to go to the Nationals, which would be awesome!