Molly Ashley – Featured Player of the Week

By Fusion FC


Q: As you start your final U18 year with Fusion FC what have some of your best memories been?
A: So many incredible memories. Most of them based on being on a team and making new friends who I know will be life long. Great soccer memories including meeting the women from Canada’s National Team. Road trips and the team all staying together at my house in Kelowna. The Surf Cup San Diego tournaments, playing against the best of the best in an unbelievable location. The tournaments in Vegas, Phoenix and an amazing trip to Germany. And of course, coaches who constantly helped push me who I know I will stay connected with. Winning some tournaments…..celebrating our success, but best and most important of all, having fun.

Q: As a long serving player in the club, how has Fusion changed over the past few years?
A: I have been at Fusion since its first year. We were a very small club that had a lot to prove against some of the bigger clubs in the lower mainland who had more kids and more resources. Our differentiator from the beginning has been that Fusion is a Club and we act and work together as a Club. It started small with things like the World Cup tournaments, attending travel tournaments like Starfire as a Club and not just individual teams, and grew into things like carrying banners for the Women’s World Cup, the player banquets and awards, and now the Oval Program. Our teams can compete against anyone now. Our players are being recognized Provincially and with the Whitecaps. We are being sought after by players who want to be part of our Club and kids from our Club our playing at the University level and higher. I can’t wait to see what happens next for Fusion.

Q: What goals/ambitions do you have for the upcoming season?
A: As a team, we want to be competitive in every game. If we are competitive we will have a chance to win every game. Our work ethic in practice will contribute to our success in our upcoming season. We as a team want to continue to build on our strong team culture. We want to keep it fun so everyone is motivated to play together as one. Being a graduating player, and speaking on behalf of other graduating players, there would be no better way to end our Fusion career than by having a successful season.

Q: Congratulations on signing with Hawaii Pacific University! Do you feel your experiences at Fusion has prepared you for the challenge ahead in Hawaii?
A: Thank you. I am really excited. I have always wanted to play in the NCAA. And I wanted to stop playing in the cold, BC rain. Hawaii is an awesome opportunity and the team and the coach seemed like the right fit for me. And the location…..surfing and soccer go together very well. Fusion is a big part of why I have the opportunity to play in Hawaii. The skills I’ve learned, the work ethic I’ve been taught, the chances I’ve had to work with multiple coaches has taught me how to adapt and to look at the game and my positions from multiple perspectives, the tournaments I’ve gone to with Fusion where college coaches have seen me play. If it wasn’t for fusion I wouldn’t be getting the opportunity to continue to play soccer at university in Hawaii.

Q: What advice do you have for any aspiring young Fusion FC players?
A: Play it because you love it. Play soccer for you, your teammates, your club and your coaches and not for other reasons.
Good things will happen. The more you play, the harder you work, the more success you’ll have, the more fun you’ll have and more opportunities will come your way.
Stick with it. As you get older there are lots of other things pulling you and taking you away from soccer. The friendships and the memories from the game are what you play for and you don’t want to lose those.
Always make it fun. Soccer is a game. It’s play, not work. It has to be fun.