Nick Park – Featured Player of The Week

By Fusion FC

Q. As you start your final U18 year with Fusion FC what have some of your best memories been?

A. I have made a lot of great memories throughout my time at Fusion FC and I must say some of my most memorable were on different trips that my team went on, my personal favourite was
our trip to San Diego where we played in the Surf Cup tournament.


Q. As a long serving player in the club, how has Fusion changed over the past few years?

A. Fusion has changed a lot as a club, the biggest change I’ve noticed is just the concept of trying to get as professional an atmosphere as possible. Professionalism not only on the pitch
but off the pitch as well.


Q. What goals/ambitions do you have for the upcoming season?

A. For the upcoming season as a team our goal is to come together in our last year to have a shot at winning Nationals.


Q. What are your plans after you finish your Fusion FC career?

A. After my final year at Fusion I intend on continuing my soccer career at a University level to see how much more I can improve.


Q. Do you feel your experiences at Fusion has prepared you for University level soccer?

A. I do, I think that Fusion has put me in a position to not only play for a University team but to immediately challenge for a starting position.


Q. What advice do you have for any aspiring young Fusion FC players?

A. My advice would be to really start taking things seriously as early as possible, by grade 10 I would recommend that players should start considering their options
and start to decide how far they want soccer to take them. Being a student athlete is a big commitment and improving on time management skills early as possible
would help in finding the right balance between academics and athletics.