Oliver MacNaughton – PLAYER OF THE WEEK

By Fusion FC

oliver-profileQ: Hey Oliver, congratulations on your team going undefeated and winning your league in the mini-phase! You were a significant contributor for this success and want to hear your thoughts on this phase? How did you feel about it and how do you think you have really improved your game?
A: I think we’ve been clicking as team lately. Although we had a bit of a shortage of goals at the start of the mini-phase, we are now playing really well both offensively and defensively. Being on a team like this allows me to really settle into my position, and to improve my game at center back.

Q: In addition to taking your game to another level you have also had a significant position change. How have you adapted to playing centre back and what was your keys’ to success considering your team had the best defensive record in the league?
A: It was a pretty big change going from right mid to center back, but now I think I can give a larger contribution to the team at center back then I could in an attacking position. To be honest I still haven’t fully adapted to the center back role, and I still make some questionable runs up the field. Everyone has been on top of their game defensively, and we don’t let much by. Also, our keeper has been playing really well, making it even harder to get one by us.

Q: In the space of a few months you have moved up from the Vancouver FC Metro team to the Fusion team. How have you adapted to the changes from Metro to BCSPL?
A: In Metro, the intensity and the pace of game is high, but in BCSPL its taken to a new level. Obviously it was difficult adjusting at the beginning, but I think I changed up my style of play fairly quickly to fit in to BCSPL.

Q: Lastly, in your relatively short time at Fusion, what has been your best experience thus far?
A: Over the summer, our team took a trip to Spain to play in the Donosti Cup. This was one of the best experiences in my life, let alone Fusion. The team played extremely well, and I think we represented Canada very well, as a lot of teams were surprised as to how good we were. We didn’t win, but it was great for us, and it was also really good for me to get to know the team that well. All of us bonded, and we left Europe a better team then we were coming in