Patrick Metcalfe Signs with Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 T eam in the USL

By Fusion FC

patrick-joins-whitecaps2Fusion FC would like to congratulate Patrick Metcalfe on signing with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 team in the USL. We are immensely proud of this accomplishment and wish him all the best for the upcoming season in the USL. Patrick played with Fusion FC from U-14 to U-18 and was voted MVP at the U-17 level and was the captain of the U-18 team prior to joining the Whitecaps residency program. We hope that our players use Patricks story as inspiration to keep working hard in pursuit of advancing up the pathway. Let’s get out to Thunderbird Stadium to show our support for Patrick this season!


Below is a youtube link released by the Whitecaps announcing Patrick’s signing! Also below is an interview with Patrick about making the move to the Caps 2 team.




Congratulations Patrick! How did it feel signing professional forms with the Whitecaps 2?

Thank you! It was truly an amazing feeling to sign my first professional contract with Whitecaps 2 just a few weeks ago. I know I have much work ahead for me, but it is a great feeling to know that the untold hours I spent on the pitch is finally proving its worth.


What are your hopes for the upcoming season in the USL?

For this upcoming USL season, my main goal is to improve and become a better footballer. Every training session, I am learning more about the game and more about what I need to improve on. With this being said, I am confident I can earn a solid amount of minutes if I approach each training session with intensity and a winning mentality.


How have your experiences with Fusion FC prepared you for the professional environment with the Whitecaps 2 team?

On the pitch, and off the pitch, Fusion has absolutely helped me to adapt to the professional environment of Whitecaps 2. On the field, in the change room and on our many trips to the US that we attend, we must always hold ourselves to a very high standard.

Throughout my many years with Fusion, this standard was expected of the players, therefore making my transition to a professional atmosphere that much easier.

On field, Fusion provided me with excellent training and opportunities to take my game to the next level. The club brought our team on many great trips around the world and I benefitted greatly from them.


What advice would you have for Fusion players that have similar goals to make the jump to professional soccer?

My piece of advice is that you should never give up or settle for less as you never know when your chance might come. It could be in U14 when an opportunity comes around, but in my case it was not until the end of my youth career with my Fusion U18 team.

Having said this, you must always be ready to take your chance and only you can decide the outcome. Two other very important points are that you must believe in yourself and must be willing to sacrifice your free time to improve.


What was your favourite Fusion FC memory?

My favourite Fusion FC memory would have to be when our U15 team travelled to Germany/Austria to play many top academies such as FC Nurnberg and Red Bulls Salzburg.

We also played in the Cordial Cup in Tirol, Austria which had teams from all over Europe competing.