Player Spotlight – Cameron Hare

By Fusion FC

Cam in action for us this year against Fraser Valley

What has been your favourite experience at your time at Fusion so far?

My favourite experience was winning Provincials in 2018 as well as competing in Surf Cup in San Diego last summer

What areas have you noticed yourself improve?

Somewhere that I have improved on is controlling my frustration when making mistakes on the field as well as increasing my speed

At Fusion we pride ourselves on creating an environment where the team can develop. What has been the biggest difference you have seen in your team’s development?

We have come a very long way, but one of the differences that we have improved on is not blaming each other and learning to work as a team. This has been the most enjoyable difference in the team.

As well as creating athletes and soccer players, we do try to give our players tools that you can take into day-to-day life. What are some lessons that you have learned at Fusion that have helped you socially or academically?

Fusion and the coaches helped me to control my frustration. This has helped me at school when things do not go the way I want them to. Another area that I have seen an improvement in are my leadership skills. The club has helped me realize that I can be a voice and lead by example as well.

At the end of the day, we only have our players for a short period of time, so what are your plans or aspirations for life after U18? College? Professional? Academic?

My plans are to study horticulture as well as get a scholarship to play soccer at University level

What are your personal soccer goals for the next phase or two?

I really want to win provincials this season and go on to play nationals as well as play in the Surf cup again this summer.