Player Spotlight – Jordan Mansfield

By Fusion FC

After playing primarily the last few years as a defender how did it feel to change positions this season?
To be honest, I really like the new position much better than being a defender. Although I enjoyed playing defence, I feel the move to an attacking position has presented me with new challenges, which are really exciting. I think that learning a new position will help me develop into a better football player overall, and give me a better appreciation and understanding of the game.

You recently were asked to play in a BC Soccer HPP game, how was that experience?
It was really exciting. At first I was stressed and worried that I would not live up to the exceptions, but shortly after stepping on the pitch and getting my first touch on the ball, I was fully comfortable and ready to represent my club. It was great to play with girls from other teams and compete at that level, as I believe it forced me to challenge myself.

What are your goals for the rest of the season and for the next year?
I really want to develop my skills as an effective attacking player, and would love to contribute positively to my team’s efforts in our National year.

What are some of your Fusion highlights so far?
Our trip last year to Las Vegas was unquestionably the highlight of my time so far with Fusion. I am looking forward to many more fun and rewarding Fusion experiences.

Who is your favourite soccer player and team?
Mohamed Salah is my favourite player, while my favourite team is Bayern München.