Player Spotlight – Lutan Redekopp

By Fusion FC

How has the season been so far and what are your goals for the remainder of the phase and next season?
We had some memorable moments as a team this year and play much better together than last year. My goal is to give my absolute best effort and make the most out of each training session so we are fit for the season. My goal for next season is to be stronger, faster and more physical on the pitch.

You have recently been in good goal scoring form, what has helped you find the back of the net more often?
I believe when we are in the right mindset and operate as a team, we have a better performance. I notice the time we spend together before games having laughs and enjoying time with each other builds chemistry.

What are some of your Fusion highlights so far?
I enjoyed travelling to Seattle and overnight trips where we spent time together having fun in the hotel rooms

Who is your favourite soccer player and team?
My favorite team is Bayern Munich. It’s a team I have like for many years now after being influence by friends who support Bayern.
My favorite player is Gareth Bale. After watching him use his speed, I have spent time trying to replicate his style to use my speed to my advantage.