Player Spotlight – Nathan Kimwemwe

By Fusion FC

Congratulations on joining Fusion FC!

Which grassroots club did you play for and who were your coaches?
Before coming to Fusion I was playing for the u13 gold 1 team for Vancouver United FC. My coaches were Mark Cylwa, Dean Stanton and Craig Chiasson.

It’s been a great few months for you, going from Gold to Fusion Spring Academy to joining the Fusion FC BCSPL team. How have you found this transition?
I found this transition very good for me. I find it pretty cool to see the different speed of play in the different levels I was playing in and I think I’m gonna fit in well in fusion.

How did it feel to be asked to join Fusion FC?
I was really happy to hear that I was gonna be playing with Fusion. The first thing I’ve learned so far is to always listen to the coach and that’s what I’m gonna do for the rest of the way. And I’m gonna continue proving that I deserve to be here

What are some of your Fusion highlights so far?
My highlight so far was when I scored my first of many hat-tricks with Fusion.

Who is your favourite soccer player and team?
My favourite soccer player is Marcus Rashford, because I find that me and him have some similarities in our play like our speed and most defenders should know that if they’re caught flat footed around me I will punish them.

My favourite soccer team is Manchester United. And no I’m not a bandwagon. Fear not fellow Manchester fans the future is coming.