Player Spotlight – Nikola Crnjak

By Fusion FC

You recently spent some time playing in Croatia. What was that experience like and what have you learnt from the experience?
I was training with NK Zadar U15 team. It was preseason training, which meant two hours of fitness and conditioning, six days a week. It was very intense training in hot and humid conditions. NK Zadar is the club that Luka Modric started at. The highlight of my training was when I got to meet Luka Modric, after he was done with the World Cup. After I saw my teammates bike 30 minutes to get to practice and then bike all the way back after, I feel very privileged that I get driven by my parents. I also found that the kids take soccer much more seriously than we do in Canada.

How has the season been so far and what are your goals for the remainder of the phase and next season?
A lot has happened for me this season. I have just joined this club that has known each other for two years. We have a new coach and we are getting to know him, as well as each other. So far we have won some and lost some, but we are improving every week. I want our team to develop not just individually, but as a team and as a family.

What are some of your Fusion highlights so far?
My favourite experience so far, has been our trip to Victoria. While on the ferry, we played 2v2 mini soccer. That’s when I felt like we bonded as a true group of friends. Another highlight was when I scored my first goal as a member of the club. It was against Coastal FC, I scored a header.

Who is your favourite soccer player and team?
It is a hard question to answer, it would either have be Luka Modric or Robert Lewandowski. Modric is high quality and has a great vision for the field and ball. Lewandowski has a killer instinct for scoring goals. My favourite team is Bayern Munich, because they are such a technical team with lots of talent.