Player Spotlight – Sydney Mitton

By Fusion FC

After being out injured for so long with a concussion how does it feel to be back playing at 100%?
Pretty darn good actually. Before the concussion I didn’t realize how much of a privilege it is to play at your full capacity all the time and to not be thinking about having a headache or feeling really dizzy. Now that I’m able to be going 100% I can recognize how awesome it is to always be ready to go and not have anything holding me back.

What advice would you give other players that are dealing with long term injuries?
I was out for seven months. It was hard at times to stay motivated but going to almost every training session even though I couldn’t play and staying connected with my teammates helped me to stay focused on my goal of getting better as soon as possible. My advice would be to not get down on yourself and to stay positive and just ride it out.

How has the season been so far and what are your goals for the remainder of the phase and next season?
The season so far has been mixed. We’ve had a couple great wins and then also some tough losses in games we could have taken. On a personal level I feel like I’m really contributing on D, I have a lot of confidence right now and I’m really excited for training
and games each week noting that this time last year I was watching from the sidelines. I am really excited for next season and making a push for Nationals. We have an awesome group of girls and I love seeing them perform to their potential. We will miss Andrew though, he has given a lot to our team, hopefully we can get it done.

What are some of your Fusion highlights so far?
My biggest highlight was my first game back last year after seven months out which happened to be in Las Vegas. Pretty cool to come back and step into that tournament. Another great moment was when I scored a beauty of a goal from about 25 yards out to the top left corner in Kelowna last year stepping into the play from the D. We also had an amazing 4-0 win against Mountain last season that was so sweet, I felt like I was fully back (from the concussion) and totally stuck in during that game.

Who is your favourite soccer player and team?
I love watching Janine Beckie on the CWNT, she is such a great player.