Sebastian Cenedese – Featured Player of the Week

By Fusion FC

seb-featureQ: You recently went on a trip to Penticton. How did you find that experience?
A: I had a great time in Penticton. I loved staying in the hotel with my team mates because it gave us a chance to bond and really get to know each other. Before I joined Fusion 2 months ago, I only knew one of my team mates. Now I feel like we have all became good friends on and off the field. Knowing each other better has helped our game.

Q: How does training with Fusion compare to what you have experienced growing up?
A: My training with Fusion has been more intense than what I have experienced in the past. Training with Fusion has inspired and motivated me to work hard and commit to a new level of soccer.

Q: You recently participated in the Umbro Cup. How did it go?
A: What will you take from that experience? A: The Umbro Cup was a great experience playing against top U13 teams from the Lower Mainland. I feel like Fusion has the potential to be one of the strongest teams. We also learned valuable lessons throughout that tournament.

Q: What are some of your personal goals for the rest of this season?
A: My personal goals are to always give 110% in both training and games. Also to take what I learn in training and always apply in game situations.

Q: Who is your pick to win the upcoming Euro?
A: My pick to win the Euro this year is Germany, because they are a great technical team. I also have some German background.