Sofia Di Giovanni – Featured Player of the Week

By Fusion FC

sofia-featureQ: How did your experience at VFC prepare you for Fusion?
A: When I was asked to be a part of VFC about a year ago, it was the best feeling a player could ever experience. I just knew it was one step closer to my dream of being on the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team. To be honest, my experience at the beginning of my journey was not always easy. As a winger on my previous team I did not have a lot of experience as a striker, which is the position I was asked to try. I felt as though I was getting no touches on the ball. The coaches noticed what was happening and pushed me beyond my limitations. VFC has instilled in me the motto “Practice like you would play in a game.” So every practice and every game I bring my heart, and give it 150% for my team.

Q: How have your experiences at Fusion Spring and Summer camps helped you develop as a player?
A: Through summer camps and Fusion academies, the tactical drills that they taught me improved my foot skills, which were key in a game. These drills improved my control of the ball, my first touch, and my movement on and off the ball. I have also played in tournaments during the Spring Fusion Travel Team. We had the opportunity to face very physical teams, which was an exciting challenge for me, as I love to use my physicality in any games or practices I play.

Q: Who is your pick to win the Euro?
A: I’m betting on the Italian National Team winning the Euros, and that’s not just because I’m Italian! I personally think the Italian National Team has the strongest defensive line than any other team in the world. Not to mention Graziano Pellè, a stand out player on the Italian National Team. He is fairly new to the team, and has so far made an impact in the games played with the team. He scored a killer volley against Belgium in added time, which shocked Belgium as Italy won the game with a 2-0 win, and a very strong performance. Graziano Pellè has such a physical presence, that he lures the centre backs to him, which creates space for others, so they have a better scoring chance.

Q: Who is your favorite player, and why?
A: Leo Messi is my one and only idol. Messi has such a great speed and skill, that some of the players that play the game of soccer think that he’s from a different dimension. He has the capability of placing the ball perfectly into space for the forwards to score on goal. Not to mention, how awesome some of Messi’s free kicks are from quite a distance. The defenders set up a wall, which is almost meaningless, as Messi curls the ball to perfection, right into the corner of the net. Messi has a positive mindset in terms of the game. Whenever Messi gets fouled, he has a great sportsmanship attitude, and never complains at the referee, or the player that fouled him.

Q: What are some of your career goals as a soccer player?
A: My short-term goal for this upcoming year playing with Fusion, is that I want to be pushed past my limitations (as I was on my VFC Team) and be one of the most improved players during the next season. My long-term goals are to work my way up to the Provincial Team, go on to the REX Program, and to finally make the Canadian Women’s National Team, which is my ultimate career goal.