Spotlight Player: Ava Jackson

By Fusion FC

How was the pre-season at Quest this year?
As this was my second year of participating at Quest, I felt I was more mentally and physically prepared for the upcoming training. It was a challenging but fun week with lots of great on and off field training sessions. I also enjoyed playing against the 2005 team in a friendly match plus all the down time to connect with my teammates.

What differences have you noticed from the team that started with Fusion to the team that currently plays?
From my point of view, I think we have improved a lot on our defensive end, working together as a unit, and connecting passes. Another big improvement is that we currently have more points this year than we did the entire season last year!

You have been on fire recently in front of goal! Scoring the winner against Mountain and a hat-trick against Coastal – How are you preparing for these games in order to be so successful on the field?
Well, before each game, I mentally envision how I will handle each situation as a Striker and finish the play. For example, if a defender is checking me tightly, I could do a “give and go” or try to beat them with a move and then accelerate. This gives me ideas as to what I could do in these types of situations. Over this past year, I have learned my strengths and weaknesses and am trying to use them to my advantage.

What has been your favourite Fusion FC memory?
I have many favourite memories at Fusion, but one that stands out to me is when my team and I went to Victoria to play the Island team and we were losing 2 – 0 in the first half. However, in the second half, we came back to win 5 – 2! After the game, our team choreographed a dance to “Pocketful of Sunshine”, and we had so much fun making up each dance move.