Spotlight Player: Christian von Trebra

By Fusion FC

You have started this phase by being a brick wall in front of the goal, what has helped you become so efficient in keeping the goal empty?
The Spring phase was really hard, I had a tough time adjusting to the regular size nets and the speed of HPL soccer, but thanks to the support of my coaches and teammates I have become more comfortable now. And of course I trained hard and lots. So naturally we are going to get a lot better as a team when we train as hard as we do. It all kind of came together after Quest. I don’t know why but I felt the entire team just lifted off and just kept improving. When this phase started I really felt I could help my team win. I also love that this league keeps standings so of course I want to be on the top of them. To be honest there is one other thing that really helps keep the ball out of the net…..I am scared to tell coach Didar that I let in a bunch of goals on the weekend!

How did it feel to be offered a spot on the 2005 Fusion team?
Well it was crazy I was playing basketball with my friends when my mom called me and said “A coach from Fusion called and is insisting on talking to you! They didn’t let me take a message! So come home now!” I was super excited and sprinted home and had to wait for them to call back. When the phone rang it was coach Ray who said “ we would like to offer you a spot on the Fusion 05 team’’ I jumped in excitement. I didn’t expect that I would get chosen. I don’t remember what I said but somehow gave the phone back to my mom and then ran around the house doing silent cheering when I heard my mom tell coach Ray “Yes”.

What advice do you have for any younger soccer players who want to make Fusion in years to come?
As a keeper I can advise you to go to the fusion goalie academy. It is a really fun academy and you learn so much there. You also work on your foot skills! Just because you are the keeper doesn’t mean you won’t need any dribbling or soccer skills. Also keep your head up when you get scored on and focus on the next play. Just so you know…no goal is ever the keepers fault….well, maybe the obvious bloopers are, but you can always look at your center-back and say “where were you on that one!’

What goals do you have for your team this year and in the future?
My goals are set to make this a very successful year with Fusion. I want to win the league and do well in the playoffs and compete in tournaments and prove that Fusion 05’s are a top team. For the future I want to push myself to always get to that next level and to strive to show what I can do. My main personal goal is to beat Surrey United this season!