Spotlight Player: Eli Press

By Fusion FC

Now that you are well into your Fusion career, what do you think has improved in your game the most?
Since becoming an 04 intake over one and a half years ago, my skills, abilities, and confidence have grown incredibly. Before joining Fusion, I had never really played in a defensive position nor did I think I would be good at it. Now, it is a position I have great confidence in and one that I enjoy to play.

Which game in your Fusion career do you think has been the most fun to play in?
A: This pre-season has been a tough start so I think when we played Fraser Valley and got a 5-2 win our confidence really grew. That has been one of my favorite matches to play in.

What advice do you have for any younger soccer players who want to make Fusion in years to come?
My advice would be to always be practicing, whenever you have free time get a ball and juggle or pass against a wall. If you can’t get outside watch youtube videos about soccer techniques and skills, then try recreating them once you have the chance.

What has been your favourite Fusion FC memory?
I don’t have a single favorite memory but all of the away trips and staying in hotels with my teammates definitely stands out as my favourite Fusion memories.