Spotlight Player: Lindsay Frankel

By Fusion FC

How was the pre-season at Quest this year?
This year’s preseason at Quest was much more of a positive experience than expected. Everyone was super motivated to get in shape for the fall season, and we benefited from the equipment and training techniques provided.

You have been performing really well recently, with two great assists against Coastal a notable performance, what did you do differently in the off-season to set you up to succeed?
Thank you. During the off season, I did a running camp all summer long, which really helped with discipline and speed techniques to use during many consecutive sprints during a game. Another thing that is super easy and fun to stay in shape is to go hiking in the local mountains and run in Pacific Spirit Park.

What differences have you noticed from the team that started with Fusion to the team that currently plays?
The team that first started with Fusion compared to how we currently play is a different team. We are all so much more committed to the game and to each other. Our team has become so much closer, and that helps a lot because we don’t want to let anyone down and we’re more comfortable yelling at each other.

What has been your favourite Fusion FC memory?
My favourite Fusion memory is when our team travelled together to the Okanagan for a tournament because the energy on road trips is always very high and the coaches make it really enjoyable with their excitement and surprises. Also, the team managers take good care of us.