Theo Lorenz Alumni Player Spotlight

By Fusion FC

theo-featQ: Hey Theo! Congratulations on being named to the 2016 PacWest All Star Team! What was a key ingredient for yours and the team’s success this season?
A: The team camaraderie played a big role. We consider ourselves as a family and that helped us gain confidence during the good while also regrouping during the bad. This mental reset during rough parts of the season led us to win important games and eventually gave us a bronze for our efforts.

Q: What was the biggest challenge for you in your transition from youth soccer to university level soccer?
A: The biggest difference I found was the mental side of soccer. The older and experienced players had such a complex and fast working nervous system that made them capable of performing at a greater level. Coming in with a fit body and 100% focus, it can really make a big difference in your soccer ability.

Q: What is some advice you can give our graduating class about juggling their university workloads and their soccer careers?
A: At least in the Pacwest, the season is very short; it has 12 games in 2 months and then the season is over. So during season there is really only time to train and do homework. By having good organization as well as getting work done earlier rather than later, it can really help during and after season.

Q: In your time at Fusion, what are some things that allowed you to better prepare for playing on the Quest Men’s Team?
A: In my short time at Fusion FC, the experiences that helped me the most were the 4v2 sessions in a grid. This sharp thinking and quick play helped me in similar drills during varsity training. I was able to “play with the big boys” and here I was able to show my skills.