Summer Soccer Camps

Bring the excitement to YOUR SOCCER GAME

Our Soccer Summer Camp program is developed by Jason Jordan, Fusion FC Technical Director, and former National and Whitecaps striker. 

These Soccer Camps are designed for the all-around youth player looking to develop all aspects of their game. The focus is on technical skill and basic tactical decision making required for any soccer player. We also use various soccer games and drills to build coordination and strengthening key muscles for our athletes.

Discover about our Future Prospect Camps & High Performance Training Camps! 

Come and learn to play soccer the Fusion FC way.

Future Prospects Soccer Camp (2017-2013)

The main focus of the Prospects Soccer Camp will be touches on the ball while ensuring all players are having fun. 

The session will be filled with fun games, technical components and a World Cup format throughout the week.

High-Performance Soccer Camps (2012-2006)

This summer soccer program in the heart of is designed for those players looking for a little more than just a fun environment. 

Training will be more development-focused with high-intensity sessions.

2024 Camp Details TBD

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