“Where are they now?” with Maya Morrell

By Fusion FC

Maya in action for the mighty Fusion Football Club

1. What was your favourite memory while playing for Fusion Football Club?

My favourite memory while playing for Fusion was the different trips I went on with my teammates. Each time we travelled somewhere was another time to bond with each other and we all became extremely close friends as well as great teammates. We went on many trips, and I have amazing memories from each trip that will last with me forever

2. Do you stay in touch with your former teammates?

I don’t directly talk to all of my former teammates, but I use social media outlets to see how they are doing and we still sometimes talk in our teams facebook group chat. Every now and then all of us kind of check in and see how everyone has been doing.

3. What was the most useful thing that playing for Fusion Football Club taught you to help you perform at the Varsity Level?

Fusion was such a blessing for me because it turned me into the player I am today. It taught me how to have a strong work ethic which is really important when playing for a varsity team. And it gave me a second family that I saw almost everyday, sometimes more than my real family and helped me through some hard times at school.

4. What has been the biggest difference playing at the collegiate level compared to youth soccer?

He biggest difference playing at the collegiate level compared to youth soccer has been the physicality. Everyone is strong and when you are playing against players who are three or four years older than you, with more experience they know how to use their body. I am no stranger to being physical but there were more games were I felt extremely beat up than I did in my youth

5. How have you balanced the school work and your athletic commitments?

Balancing school work with my athletic commitments is something I have been doing my whole life, so I have never really had that much trouble. I am used to having limited time to finish my homework before having to leave for practice. If I didn’t have my athletics, my schoolwork would suffer because I need the exercise to help clear my head

6.What advice would you give to our current athletes in their pursuit for post secondary soccer experience?

The advice I would give to the current athletes enjoy the experience because it goes by so fast. Also I know the fitness does really suck, but push through it because it is so helpful when you get to university because you are a step ahead of everyone.