U5 - U8 Skill Centre Academy


The Fusion FC Skill Centre embraces Canada Soccer’s player development principles in providing a safe, fun, and challenging playing environment. Join our Fusion FC U5 – U8 Skill Centre where your athlete will be introduced to the beautiful game of soccer.


The players will be building a strong foundation for soccer by learning the basics and fundamentals of the game.

  • Running with the ball at your feet
  • Kicking
  • Passing
  • Physical literacy


  • 60-minute training sessions once a week.
  • 60-minute game day sessions once a week.
  • Training sessions delivered using the GAG (Game-Activity-Game) methodology.
  • Training sessions will use a circuit format with different stations.
  • 8-to-1 coach-to-player ratio.
  • There will be no lines during training sessions to ensure players are active and always engaged.
  • Each player will have a ball at their feet for all training activities to encourage as many touches on the ball as possible.
  • Session plans are designed in a way that each player will maximize the number of touches they get on the ball.


  • Date: Mondays & Wednesdays, April 3rd – June 26th
  • Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
  • Location: Richmond Field (TBD)


Game Format:

  • U5: 1v1 and 2v2
  • U6: 3v3
  • U7: 3v3 with a goalkeeper
  • U8: 4v4 with a goalkeeper

Field Sizes & Rules:

  • No throw-ins (only kick-ins or dribbling in).
  • Where applicable, goalkeepers will be encouraged to play balls on the ground.
  • Players have to retreat over the centre line after attacking the opponent’s goal.

Weekly Game Variations:

Our certified coaches will be using a variation of different game formats to help players develop new skills and to increase their soccer knowledge.

  • Dribbling into endzones to score.
  • Two nets at each end to score in.
  • Two gates at each end to score in.
  • Cones on the endlines to knock down.
  • Nets with goalkeepers to score in.

Weekly Game Variations:

Fusion FC is excited to arrange the following festivals throughout the Spring season:

Spring Season Kick-Off Festival – We will kick-off the Spring season with a festival for the young players which will include games, music, entertainment and treats for everyone.

Weekend Festivals – We will organize festivals with short fun games for the players and seek participation from other clubs.

Me and My Balla Day – Parents will get the chance to participate in fun activities, games, and soccer challenges with their athlete.  


If you have any questions, please contact admin@fusionfc.ca


Registration Policies:

All players are welcome to join our Fusion FC Skill Centre sessions. 

Please review Fusion FC’s Refund Policy before you register.

Fusion coaching staff will continually monitor players to ensure they are training at the correct level to enhance their development. If we find that the sessions are too challenging for some players, our coaching staff will speak directly with those parents and players to determine the next steps.

Fusion FC is a Canadian National Youth License Club & Founding Member of the BCSPL