Refund Policy

Player Refund Policy

The official policy of Fusion FC is that there are no refunds offered, except where:

  • The player has suffered a season-ending injury and there are at least 5 months remaining in the season;
  • The player has been officially released from the club by our technical director and there are more than 3 months remaining in the season;
  • The player has been invited to play for the Whitecaps pre-boys MLS Academy/boys MLS Residency or the pre-girls Elite REX/girls elite REX program; or
  • A clerical error was made by Fusion FC, resulting in an overpayment of fees.  

The player’s family must submit a Player Withdrawal Form and request a refund  for one of the above-noted reasons. Whether a refund is offered and how much the refund will be is at the sole discretion of the Fusion FC Refund committee.

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