Player Spotlight – Seamus Mann

By Fusion FC

You recently joined the club from Vancouver FC. How has the transition been so far and what has been the biggest difference you have noticed?
I joined the team this past spring and so far the transition has been really enjoyable. There are a few key differences between VFC and Fusion, the biggest of which for me has purely been the speed of play, which takes some time to adapt to.

What are your individual and team goals for the next phase?
Although we haven’t had the best first phase, I feel like we are playing a lot better than the score sheet would show. So for the next phase we just need to put some points on the table. As for me I would like to be more aggressive coming up the field and get involved in the attack.

What are some of your Fusion highlights so far?
The quarter final game against Surrey FC has to be my favourite moment so far. We came in as the under dogs playing the best team in the league and came out winning 3-0. It is definitely the best game our team has played so far.

Who is your favourite soccer player and team?
My favourite team is Dortmund FC, I have supported them for a long time and I really like their play style and individuals. My favourite player is Philippe Coutinho, he is one of the most creative players in the world and is able to be very effective up front without having remarkable speed.