By Fusion FC

pollyQ: How did it feel to travel and play 90 mins with the U18’s this past weekend vs TOFC:
A: At first, I was shocked to hear the news that I was being invited to play with the U18’s, and a little nervous. But they were very nice and welcoming and helped prepare me for the game.
The first half of the game I was a little scared because I didn’t know their style of play, but once the second half started and Taylor Morgan came on, I felt more comfortable. Then I started to play my way, hit the post and set Taylor up for a goal. I also got another assist too!

Q: How was your experience playing up with the 01 team?
A: Playing up with the 01 team helped me understand the maturity of older teams playing, and I was able to bring that to our games. They were very welcoming and treated me like one of their own players, which made it fun.

Q: Which striker do you think you play a similar game to?
A: Jamie Vardy, because he has the speed to run down the field and take chances and never seems to be afraid. He comes out ready to play and will play to the 90th minute. I think everyone can learn things from how he plays. He leads by example and can make something out of nothing.

Q: What are your career goals as a soccer player?
A: I want to keep on working as hard as I can, either if it’s a practice or game, and be a leader on the field and come out with the confidence to score and not be afraid to take chances. I just want to win 😉 And I want to keep on learning to stay composed and not just run around like a headless chicken.

Q: What are some of your interests outside of soccer?
A: I like going on hikes with my friends, going camping, doing adventures, going to Costco for ice cream and also midnight snacks! And a Hot Cheetos never hurts. Oh, and my sister.

Q: What has been the highlight of your career to date?
A: Making Fusion was awesome. The second I made Fusion I was happy! I love going on tournaments with my team, because every time we go, we get closer and closer. Singing loudly to the anthems before games is totally fun too. But my favourite highlight was when I scored 3 goals against our bitter rivals (Coastal) and we totally creamed them.